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Hi, I’m Kim Burgess: audiovisual technologist, software maker and curiosity chaser.

Learning about and creating simple systems that solve complex problems makes me tick.

My work focuses on audio, video, physical environments and the people within them. I’ve had the opportunity to build tech for media architecture, government, workplace, stadiums, high-end residential, and other interesting domains. These projects all take a great team to realise—I’ve simply been fortunate to be on a few.

This site is for my own miscellaneous outputs. It’s not all work, or even directly related to what I may do. Nothing here is representative of any team that I work with—past, present, or future—but it is a collection of notes that influence how I personally think.

For a more temporal view of where my focus is, see what I’m up to now.

If you’d like to say hello, you can always reach me at kim@simple.industries1.